Digital Ramsar site boundary files available for download from this site have been supplied by the Ramsar Convention's official Administrative Authority for each country. Owing to differences in map projections and mapping protocols, when projected the digital boundaries may differ from the site boundaries on maps supplied to the Ramsar Secretariat as part of the Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands (RIS) upon designation of the site, and users are urged to check the digital boundary against the RIS map (accessible on the RSIS through Ramsar Sites Database).

 TitleDescription Size
1. Ramsar Site CentroidsRamsar Sites central geographical coordinates July2014 (shp)Download81.06 KB
1. Ramsar Site CentroidsRamsar Sites central geographical coordinates January 2014 (kmz)Download1.13 MB
2. Ramsar site boundariesOfficial Ramsar sites boundaries (shp) December 2013Download27.47 MB
2. Ramsar Site boundariesOfficial Ramsar sites boundaries (kml) December 2013 Download26.11 MB
AlgeriaRamsar sites boundariesDownload1.75 KB
AndorraRamsar sites boundariesDownload10.16 KB
ArgentinaRamsar sites boundariesDownload4.73 KB
AustriaRamsar sites boundariesDownload75.36 KB
BelgiumRamsar sites BoundariesDownload73.98 KB
Bosnia and HerzegovinaRamsar sites BoundariesDownload46.83 KB
BrazilRamsar sites boundariesDownload19.82 KB
BulgariaRamsar sites boundariesDownload180.33 KB
CambodiaRamsar sites boundariesDownload1.45 KB
ChinaRamsar sites boundariesDownload73.83 KB
CroatiaRamsar sites boundariesDownload8.59 KB
CyprusRamsar sites boundariesDownload6.69 KB
Czech RepublicRamsar sites boundariesDownload119.47 KB
DenmarkRamsar sites boundariesDownload268.22 KB
Equatorial GuineaRamsar sites boundariesDownload79.93 KB
FinlandRamsar sites boundariesDownload1.13 MB
FranceRamsar sites BoundariesDownload6.63 KB
GuatemalaRamsar sites boundariesDownload94.43 KB
HungaryRamsar sites boundariesDownload214.11 KB
IcelandRamsar sites boundariesDownload16.20 KB
KazakhstanRamsar sites boundariesDownload9.45 KB
LatviaRamsar sites boundariesDownload44.58 KB
LiechtensteinRamsar sites boundariesDownload5.28 KB
LuxembourgRamsar sites boundariesDownload31.55 KB
MexicoRamsar sites boundariesDownload34.38 KB
MontenegroRamsar sites boundariesDownload10.98 KB
NetherlandsRamsar sites boundariesDownload1.16 MB
NigeriaRamsar sites boundariesDownload15.50 KB
NorwayRamsar sites boundariesDownload559.23 KB
PortugalRamsar sites boundariesDownload233.22 KB
Republic of KoreaRamsar sites boundariesDownload5.22 KB
SeychellesRamsar sites boundariesDownload15.52 KB
Slovak RepublicRamsar sites boundariesDownload292.00 KB
South AfricaRamsar sites boundariesDownload165.21 KB
SpainRamsar sites boundariesDownload251.11 KB
SwedenRamsar sites boundariesDownload275.00 KB
SwitzerlandRamsar sites boundariesDownload98.76 KB
TurkeyRamsar sites boundariesDownload44.76 KB
United KingdomRamsar sites boundariesDownload21.92 MB
United states of AmericaRamsar sites boundariesDownload322.67 KB