The Ramsar Sites Database

The Ramsar Sites Database provides information of all wetlands of international importance. It is a searchable database, fully accessible through the internet with a password protected data entry system, and a reporting system for public use.


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Upon joining the Ramsar Convention, each Contracting Party is obliged by Article 2.4 of the treaty to designate at least one wetland site for inclusion in the List of Wetlands of International Importance. Sites are selected by the Contracting Parties for designation under the Convention by reference to the Criteria for the Identification of Wetlands of International Importance. The Parties' designations are communicated to the Ramsar Convention Secretariat by means of a Ramsar Information Sheet which provides legal and scientific data on each site and is meant to be updated every six years.


The data included in the database derives from the Ramsar Information Sheet, the Ramsar National Report and/or from Administrative Authority correspondence provided by Contracting Parties. This includes information on wetland types, land uses, threats, hydrological values of the sites etc. The Ramsar Sites Database is primarily a tool to look at Ramsar Sites across geographic and thematic boundaries, useful and necessary for maintaining an overview of a global network of well over 1900 internationally important wetlands from 160 countries.


For each site included in the database a link to the WebGIS is provided which will zoom to site level, showing the center coordinate and boundary of the site (where available) with links to other available products for the site. These GIS data, as well as the site information included in the database, can be downloaded for further use.